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Encouraging Mothers Who’s Done Having Babies
  • July 13, 2016


“Is it really?”

“You don’t really mean that.”

“Why would you do such a thing?!”

“But, you’re such an awesome mother!”

“Did you talk to God about this?!?”

“The bible says to “Be fruitful and multiple…” “

Yes. It is definitely the end to that phase of my life and I’m perfectly okay with it. Everyone has their opinion about the decisions made and that’s okay! People will guilt you about your decision to stop having babies but you have to be confident in your decision.

My husband and I sought the Lord about the idea of not having any more children. I was almost afraid to make that request but I asked Him to bless my womb and give me as many babies as I can get.

(Back story) I come from a very large family and I know with all of the experienced I’ve gain, I knew I would be a great mother. God has blessed my womb even when I was told at the age of six that I would not conceive because I ate some of my mother’s birth control. Well, fast forward to 2012, we found out we were pregnant with our fifth child. We were excited as always but we knew we were coming to the end of our stage of having more children. It just felt right to end at baby #5. As with our other children, my husband waited for God to reveal our baby’s name. One morning, he woke me up and said “Rebekah”. So we began to search the meaning of the name and it means “Captivating; knotted cord”. When we saw the meaning, we knew God gave us the OK to let Rebekah be the last child of our little family. So, March 2013, 2 months after her birth, I knotted the cord… well Essured it.

What is Essure? How does it prevent pregnancies? The small Essure inserts are placed into your fallopian tubes by your doctor. These inserts work with your body to form a natural barrier that keeps sperm from reaching the eggs, preventing pregnancy. While the natural barrier forms over time, another form of birth control must be used.

I’ve heard mostly negative reviews about this form of contraceptive (ongoing pelvic pain, pregnancy or even ectopic pregnancies)  but after 3 years, I’ve had no issues. I guess to each its own. But don’t get me wrong, having an Essure doesn’t stop me from getting the occasional “baby fever” especially well my emotions and hormones are all out of wack (menstruation)! 🙂


So why stop having children? I enjoyed each pregnancy and raising my children, but I feel it was time to actually enjoy the journey of motherhood by watching my children grow and remember each significant milestone. I can recall my children’s milestones, but to me, I feel as if I jipped my children one on one time with me because I was either pregnant or had a newborn…almost as if my children wasn’t allotted time to enjoy childhood. My children are still children, but if you’re a mom of “stair-steppers”, then you get what I’m saying!

I also feel that now, I have the opportunity to enjoy my husband. Now that my children are a little older, we (my husband and I) go on dates more frequently then ever before. I’m actually learning my husband outside of the “daddy role”.

I had time to revisit education and now is pursuing certification for teaching. I believe that my nurturing and encouraging children doesn’t have to be exclusive to my children, but I can help mold and cultivate other children as well…in a classroom setting. So beginning August 18th, I’ll be embarking on a new adventure…teaching! No, I don’t have my own classroom just yet, but I wanted my first year in education to be under an experienced teacher who loves children. I am so excited and to top that off, ALL FIVE OF MY CHILDREN… even the youngest will be in school full time!! *insert shout music*

Parenting does change you. FOR THE BETTER. I’m much more focused and goal oriented than ever before. I have always been a go-getter, but being a parent gives you that extra umph… that sense of urgency to teach and send out learners and leaders into this desperate land that’s in need of influence and hope… spiritually and educationally.


So, if you’re the mom who’s considering wrapping things up or even clipping 🙂 know that your purpose goes beyond your womb. Cultivate others, encourage other moms and train the children (biologically or not). You hold the seed, now it’s time to plant them and watch them grow!

So… I Got Some Work Done…
  • May 6, 2016

April 15, 2016 my life was….enhanced a bit! 🙂 I got a breast augmentation! Yup!!


Let’s backtracked a bit though….

In 2013, I birthed my last child and nursed her  until her 1st birthday in 2014. I enjoyed each pregnancy and every breastfeeding session with my fab five! Well, good things must come to an end and now that my children are older and vibrant, I figure it was time to repair what was broken during those most precious moments. No! I do not regret nursing my children nor do I regret having them, but I do have so work to do because of the decision my husband and I made. Shortly after my youngest first birthday, I sat with my husband with the thought of getting a breast augmentation. I was happy that he was so supportive of my decision to fix my heavily damage breast. When I say it was bad…IT. WAS.BAD!!!

To give you a visual…pancake


I had to do something! I asked for advice from close friends and they said do what I feel needs to be done! In the meantime, I tried bras, exercises, massages…nothing worked.  I even asked readers of my blog on Facebook…here are some responses on what they thought about cosmetic surgery:

“I think it’s up to the individual. Many women after child birth experience drastic changes to their bodies. But plastic surgeries are really serious. Many women have died during and after procedures. Make sure it’s worth the pain and risk.”


“I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

My husband even chimed in. I will post his entire opinion HERE.


So, I went in for a consultation October 2014. I fell in love with the knowledge and experience of the surgeon, but didn’t follow through with the surgery until March 30!


I went in for a re-consultation and booked my surgery! April 15, 2016 my life was changed! Now at 3 weeks post operation, I am pleased with my decisions and results! My husband is as well!! 🙂

So let’s take a walk through my experience…

The prep the night before and day of surgery was pretty simple. Drink plenty of water and do not eat or drink anything after 11 PM the night before. So when I tell you I was starving… I. WAS. STARVING!!! I also showered the night before and cleansed the surgery area in Hibiclens and the morning of showered again in Hibiclens. I also had to put on loose fitting clothes with the anti-embolism stockings (very uncomfortable BTW) to decrease the chance of clotting and swelling.


So how I did feel?!?!

The day of my surgery, I have no idea what happened after I laid on the operating table. It is a complete blur! My anesthesiologist told me while he was drugging me 🙂 that I won’t feel or remember anything…he was right!! I don’t remember coming out of surgery… being dressed or getting home!! Luckily, my sister recorded the aftermath of being on anesthesia when I made it home. 🙂

There wasn’t any real pain. I was extremely uncomfortable and exhausted. The next day, the soreness continued and I had my husband to fill my muscle relaxing meds. I took one muscle relaxing pill and 2 Tylenol on Day Two and realizing the discomfort wasn’t managed, so I figured I can go without it. After Day 3 and beyond, I took no medicine for pain and dealt with the soreness…it is comparable to being engorged. Crazy, right??!! Who goes through surgery without taking pain medicine?! I did!! I slept propped up for the first week and after that, I was able to lie on my back. Sleeping was a challenge the 2nd week because I have to get use to the weight of my new breast but this week was a breeze… I can even sleep on my sides! The past 2 days, I’ve been experiencing some itching… I cannot stand the itchy feeling but I’ve researched that I shouldn’t scratch it but rub and relieve the feeling with warm towels.

My husband made my recovery a success by taking on all of the household responsibilities and children’s needs the first week. He even prepped and cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Dinner wasn’t pictured, but he made homemade marinara and spaghetti with homemade garlic knots) Friends also pitched in and made dinner for us!



How Did They Look After Surgery?!?!

Oblong. Swollen. Very Weird!! I was very swollen and bloated after surgery. Day 4 the swelling began to go down and my breasts began to take shape. Although I have a few months before they actually “drop and fluff” I am very pleased with the way they look. They are becoming mobile and if I move a certain way I can hear them! 🙂 Because I had so much loose skin, my surgeon warned me about the possibility of having a breast lift in the future… after the surgery, he said the chance of having one now is ZERO!! I am glad about that! My surgeon also mentioned that my case was one of his most extreme and my results are in his top favorites! Yeah, I’m sure he says that to all of his clients, but I truly believe compared to before and afters I’ve seen from his practice, I’m on the top of the list!!


How BIG did I go?!?!?!

Well, my goal was to look as natural and full as possible. My plan was to be the size I was when I breastfed my children (36D). With all the loose skin that remained, that goal was more realistic than I thought. My surgeon  agreed that any bigger would look fake and to never go smaller than my goal. we were with him 100%! So on my left (and worst) side, he implanted 510 CC of saline (I went with saline by the way) and on the right side 480 CC of saline. I chose saline because if anything were to go wrong, it would be easier to detect as well as replace. The cost of saline implants are approx. $1200 cheaper than silicone. With the price and the risk being smaller than with silicone, saline was my best choice. So, did I meet my goal!??! Oh yeah!!! I am excited and so proud that I did this!


What are my results?!!?!



I still have some dropping to do, but I am very please with the results. I am happy I made this change and I’m also happy with the support to make this change. I was never the busty type and getting my breast augmentation was not to make me busty, but more womanly. After having five beautiful children, there was a great chance of breast damage and I thank God for doctors who studied years into complimenting the bodies of women in such an awesome way. No my confidence wasn’t shot neither was I pressured into doing this surgery. I simply wanted an upgrade to the already fabulous me. I’m 30 years old and this change by far has been the best birthday gift I’ve ever received but it wasn’t the only one…my hubby surprised me with some awesome things for my 30th and I am grateful!

If you choose to enhance your beauty or not, it’s your choice! People get cosmetic surgery everyday… veneers, breast, tummy tucks, etc. It happens daily, so don’t knock someone for doing what makes them happy. If I were to listen to the naysayers, I would be miserable! If I listened to people who know about my surgery and hear them send me to Hell because of it, I would regret my decision..but I won’t! My intentions are pure and I am not looking for attention. My husband is perfectly fine with my body… pregnant, engorged and shrunken…he loved it all and love it now!

So the moral of this blog is do what makes you happy! Point. Blank!



RARE Haul: I went shopping, y’all!!!
  • January 22, 2016
Annie Weightloss 2014

30 lb weight loss (2014)

Guess who went shopping?!

I did!!

This is my second time going shopping after my major weight loss! April 2014, I loss 30 lbs!! I worked my tail off and with the help of the flu, I met my weight goal faster! NO JOKE!! But back to my original topic… shopping!!

Well, like I mentioned, I went to Ross back in 2014 and bought dresses and shirts to compliment my new body. I refused to shop for anything bigger which would make me comfortable with my weight at that time. It was definitely a struggle to see all of the beautiful summer dresses and jeans, but I remained disciplined and waited it out. Well, fast forward to two weeks ago, I decided to stop by Ross while I was nearby and and grabbed some amazing pieces at amazing prices!! Now, I am not the one to show off my closet, but these prices were too good of a deal to keep them to myself!

Now, don’t get use to this haul thingy…this is once every blue moon! Seriously! Moms, you understand! As you can tell, I shop the clearance section. My favorite part of any store! There’s always hidden treasures in there!

But, if I come across crazy prices like this again, I’ll let you know… especially if it concern kids’ clothes! You don’t have to spend a ton to get a cute look. Maybe I’ll do a look to a piece or two! Hmmm…

If you’re anything like me, clothes don’t matter, but it sure did feel good buying for myself! Whew!! Can someone say “Retail Therapy”?


What are some of your fab finds?!?!