ae-n-t-w-ah-n-eh-t B-ER-N-Z

I am an amazing mother of five children. I enjoy homeschooling and watching my children grow everyday. I also like writing to this blog, so be sure to check it out. My daily creed is to make sure my children get the best education possible, which is why I went to college to obtain my Early Childhood Education degree. While doing this, I also insure their identity in being the best they can.

My main job is to keep my family and home secure for the ones I love. I teach God’s word to my children daily, and show them that new and crazy adventures can be embraced. Some of my favorite hobbies are photography, culinary arts, and making videos. I share my love with everyone possible, and I especially love children.

Personal Details

  • Height 6’0″.
  • Weight 145 lbs
  • Favorite Movie Captain Fantastic
  • Favorite Hobbies Photography
  • Favorite Food Mahi Fish
  • Next Life Goal Provide housing for children in need