RAY-my-ah B-ER-N-Z

I am a Fantastic Daughter out of Five, and the Exaltation of my Family. I have a daily goal to encourage growth in myself while providing the pathway I want to succeed within myself.

I LOVE using Emojis, Laughing, Making others Laugh, Playing Roblox, Drawing, and Eating. I HATE… Many things. I have 1 BFF and I call her Twinzie. I have a FAV sibling, and that’s Rylee. I raised 5 animals (Elizabeth the Cat, Princess the Goat, Bee-da-bee aka Lucky the Hen, Tiny the Hen, and Sia the Cat) I love ALL my babies! I also Animate & Create Logos for my Costumers~ 0w0

Personal Details

  • Favorite Color All about the Pastels
  • Favorite Game Roblox 
  • Favorite Movie Spider-Man Homecoming
  • Favorite Hobbies Drawing and Making Friends & Family Laugh
  • Favorite Food Strawberry Cheesecake & Glazed Donuts
  • Next Life Goal Becoming Very Popular & Rich