means "Counsel; mighty protection; guards wisely"

RAY-mund B-ER-N-Z

I am a fantastic father of five, and an enduring light in the life of my family. I have a daily goal to encourage growth in my children while providing the pathway they need to succeed within themselves.

I LOVE having conversations about family with my family, and it is very easy to get me conversing about my past on memory lane. I love exploring new adventures which solidifies my desire to be different. I may not be normal, but I am necessary. I wish that all children could have the same opportunities to learn that they may not be “normal”, but they are always necessary.

Personal Details

  • Height 6’0″.
  • Weight 145 lbs
  • Favorite Movie Captain Fantastic
  • Favorite Hobbies Photography
  • Favorite Food Mahi Fish
  • Next Life Goal Provide housing for children in need