Sia M’ese Burns


Sye-uh Me-ees B-ER-N-Z

I am the Fifth Animal Raymiah raised. I am a Female Tabby-Point Birman Cat.

I was first found October 31st, 2018. I was outside Raymiah’s Church, in the rain. Raymiah took me to her place and cared for me. So, about my name.. A few days later, Raymiah was trying to figure out my breed. She saw Siamese and Tabby on me. I had the eyes and Colors of a Siamese, and markings of a Tabby. She named me Sia M’ese bc of the breed. Over some time, she finally found my actual breed! I am a Tabby-Point Birman! Here I am, laying on Raymiah’s porch, enjoying the soft breeze.

Personal Details

  • Favorite Food Wet Cat Food, Chicken Flavored
  • Favorite Place to Lay On the Porch
  • Favorite Toy Feathers & Dead Mice