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I am Antoinette. Wife, mother, Christian, friend, and moderate blogger. This website was created to inspire and encourage women and also shed light on topics related to my experiences as a Virtuous Woman.

Proverbs 31:10-31 is my life’s motto and I aim to be the Virtuous Woman described in this text. Looking at the description of the Virtuous Woman, it may sound too good to be true or obtain, but with Christ as the example of perfection, we can strive to become what He desires us to be in our homes. What I do for my family may not be what your family needs. That is why we are with whom the Lord blessed us with.  My motivation comes from scripture and experiences.

Growing up I saw the struggle of roles in a marriage and I knew what not to do. The bible taught me the straight and narrow way. I desired to be a great wife and mother at the age of 12. I wanted my husband to come home to a clean home with dinner at the table with kids running through the house chanting, “daddy, daddy, daddy!” My home will be a safe haven and place of refuge. As a woman, we control the atmosphere of our home, that is why throughout scripture we are given examples of the wise woman and foolish woman. Now that I am established with a family, I am seeing my prayer manifest daily through my husband, my children and especially within myself.

I hope you enjoy this website. It was God-given. I would have not imagined me telling my story and sharing the ups and downs of this lifestyle, but I’ve learned that I hold a testimony that may help someone down the line.

You may see me refer to myself as His Proverbs 18:22. Well, there is a story behind that name as well. In high school, I did a project in my British Literature class and my teacher was describing the typical wife and mother of the 1950s. I was admired by that and I did a little research of that era and noticed that couples that married during that time are still together today! Marriage was important, a covenant. My teacher and pupils hated the fact that I wanted to be that woman during a class discussion. I wanted that, so I searched the scripture and came across Proverbs 18:22, “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord.” I wanted that favor, I wanted to be my husband’s good thing. So when you see His Proverbs 18:22, you will know I am referring myself as “his good thing”!


Again…welcome to my new and improved blog and I hope that I inspire and motivate!