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A Husband’s Perspective

A Husband’s Perspective: Plastic Surgery
  • May 3, 2016

Plastic surgery is a very touchy and unknown subject when it comes to spirituality.

Physically speaking, it is what it is. It is no different than getting a bandage on your finger. If you can see it that way, then breast augmentation can be seen as a band-aid for your breast. Spiritually, however, the subject becomes more complex when you try to think about what problem are you bandaging. Band-Aids are quick solutions to a problem that can have a permanent effect. When you are talking about a small cut on your finger, then it is just a temporary solution to keep the wound clean. But when you are talking about plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation, you are talking about possibly bandaging a void in your esteem with what long-term effect?
Spiritually, it ultimately comes down to the heart behind the matter. I believe we live in a very perverted world. And being in the world, but not of it draws a very thin line with a clear crayon. No one can specifically say that one act is in the world and one act is not. Everything is a matter of the heart, so the problem becomes the truth in which people reveal their heart about the matter.
Are you disgusted by what you see in your body and you want to change it? Do you feel that something better will obtain better results?
I believe if you are getting surgery as a means to an end, then you need to be sure that the end is Godly. Meaning, God is directing me here so this is the tool or resource available for that end. People often talk about open doors and God steering their life, but, honestly, an open door is not easily seen until you have walked through it. Once the mistake/opportunity is made then we like to classify it as an open door or pathway to sin.
I also believe that physical beauty and confidence in yourself as a person is not something of this world/sinful. We generally take the sensual ideas of anything and attribute it to sin. But God invented sex. And more than just sex, the idea of hardcore, sensual, moist, exotic, heavy, and fulfilling love-making comes from God. Even reading over those adjectives feels dirty, but I believe that dirtiness is a cultural belief and not a Godly one. Our cultural put off the issues of sexual immorality because it will be easier than actually having to deal with it. And ultimately, dealing with the sexual immorality within ourselves. That’s why so many of our family members are pedophiles and adulterers.
Saying all that to say, there is a lot of sexual immorality that I believe needs to be attacked before going through with surgical enhancements of sexual body parts. Of course, there is no wrong and right. But the same way it is not good to desire a baby to save your marriage, the same holds true for plastic surgery (sexually).
In retrospect, there is a different face to this coin. It’s not so much to find out all the ways this can be wrong for you and your spirit-life. There are some cancer patients that have had to surgically remove parts, and then have them augmented afterwards. Aside from that, there are healthy couples that desire to have those augmentations apart of their relationship. It can be seen just like working out. You are willing to alter the muscular tissue of your body to appeal to your spouse. With pain and agonizing weights, as well as, with surgical scalpels and bandages.
All in all, be truthful. Why do you want to do what you desire to do? We focus too much as a spiritual body on the act, and not the heart. Forget the fact that you have the thought. We all have severely ill thoughts. And the idea that some do not have these thoughts is what makes us lie most of the time. It’s what originated this whole idea that sexuality is nasty. We ALL HAVE THOUGHTS. Let that issue go. Are you going to dwell on it? That is the issue. Where is your heart? What do you want to do with these thoughts? Where did these thoughts come from? Deal with those issues.
The company you keep. The counsel you seek. The heart you have. That is what control the actions and thoughts.
Fireproof Challenge: The Love Dare (Days 1- 5)
  • March 25, 2016

It’s Spring!!! Flowers are blooming…Earth is awaken and refreshed!! So.. this is the perfect opportunity to awaken and revive our marriages! With so many diseased relationships, it is time to remedy them with a interactive challenge. The Love Dare Challenge!! Now, we can discuss all the mess we see in social media concerning marriages, but why spend our focus and time on the obvious and make that time useful in building marriages?!?


If you are not familiar with the Love Dare, well, it was made popular by a Christian movie called, Fireproof.

In the movie FIREPROOF, The Love Dare covers the topics of relationship parasites (addictions like pornography and gambling) and unconditional love. The Love Dare devotional book expands and extends the topics addressed in the film’s plot to include such vital issues as:

  • Why Marriage? Explore the blessings and challenges of godly marriage.
  • Contract or Covenant? Examine the difference between the world’s design for marriage and God’s original intention.
  • Clean Fighting. Learn how to fight the fires of conflict effectively and respectfully.
  • Leading Your Heart, Instead of Vice Versa. Practice choosing love when it isn’t your instinctive response.

(Click HERE to purchase the book)


This week (Monday through Friday) the focus was as follows:

Day 1-  do not say anything negative to your spouse. Great or small. We tend to nag or complain without thought and much of the time, it is miserable to always assume that all your spouse do is speak or think negative about everything. Replace your nagging with compliments….


Day 2-  Do an unexpected gesture of kindness. Letting your spouse know you care in the smallest way..whether it’d be washing the car, ironing their clothes or even a note in their lunch will go a long way. I know from experience my husband loves to have me visit him for lunch at his job. It brightens his day!


Day 3-  Buy something for your spouse. From a greeting card to a box of chocolate or if you’re fancy, an outfit from his/her favorite store!


Day 4- Contact your spouse during the day to check on them. I love to call my husband throughout the day. If you use discernment, you will know when to call them when they need it the most.


Day 5- Now this is where it gets a bit hands on…..Ask your spouse to tell you three things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do so without attacking them. Can you do it?!?! After much conversation and care, this will become second nature to just communicate!


I’m taking the challenge. Not to say my marriage is in turmoil, it is to say I care and want more out of my relationship… a revival. Same with having a relationship with God, there is always room to grow and know more about the Father. He has so much to reveal to us if we would only commune with Him…God created relationships AKA marriages and they are a reflection ( or should be) of our relationship/intimacy with Him.








Material taken from The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, copyright © 2009 by B&H Publishing Group.



Homesteading Humbled Beginnings
  • April 6, 2015

My generation seems to be intrigued with exploring new avenues, trying different cultures, and taking new risks. We are happy with ending racism by ignoring it, and learning ways of life that we never thought of.

Just recently, my family and I have decided to take a bold step out of the city life and start a homestead in Texas. But this won’t be a normal homestead. Everything here has to have a purpose. And at the center of it all, nothing can take away from our relationship with Christ! We didn’t start out like your normal family. We were married young, had 5 children, and we took risks that most people wouldn’t dream of. We always believed that nothing really bad could happen to us, and that we wouldn’t die from it. Looking back, we know we were really immature and could have died several times, but we are here now.

Homesteading is family!

We love the life that we are living, and it is a step out of the norm, but it is well worth it. Just be very careful! Homesteading is not for the faint of heart. From getting chickens to getting goats to killing venomous snakes, a lot of this life is make up solutions as problems come. No one has all the answers to survival out here. You can’t work a 9 – 5 to solve all of your answers, and a lot of times your money doesn’t solve anything. It’s a wonderful life, but it is an unstable one. There are issues you would never expect, like overgrown weeds, where you wouldn’t have a problem before. Normally between the HOA’s and foot traffic, you would never think that grass is a problem. But let it rain two weeks in Houston, Texas, and your grass is 4ft. Leave it like that for a month and you will find a pit of Copperhead Snakes. Next thing you know, you have foxes, and you can’t figure out why all of your chickens are dying. All of this from GRASS. Just GRASS!

You couldn’t be more Wronger

But this life has it’s benefits too. You find yourself intrigued by where your food comes from, and what you feed your animals. You become encouraged by the quality of goat milk you can get from a meat goat, and you start to try things that other homesteaders wouldn’t. You start to build things that look like crap, but cost $0.49 in wood and serves the purpose. Whereas before, you would have built a beautiful $9,000 shed made from only the best treated wood. The best thing is, you watch your children grow up curious about the world and without fear. You see them solve problems that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to. You know they will be something great as they get older, but you will enjoy their ingenuity while they are young. And you will enjoy the attachment to your animals. As you learn their little nuances and see the way they interact day-in and day-out, your animals will become your adopted children. And for all of you who say, “I don’t like animals now, I will just want them for their production!” You couldn’t be more Wronger. Your love will grow and you never even know it. My wife was the same way, until she lost her chicken one day. Now her emotion is completely different.

And although you may get a kick out of that video, she was completely heart-broken. How could someone so cruel trade her beautiful chicken for 6 “ugly” chickens. Because of production? Not worth it!!

Again, these are some of the fantastic endeavors you will face as you start homesteading, but it is completely worth it. It keeps your life in reality. It keeps your family together. It keeps you grounded as a person. And it keeps you living within your means. Just think, based on the statistic of our culture, she should be arguing and throwing pots at me because I slept with her best-friend’s, cousin’s baby-mama, but instead, we are arguing and throwing pots because our Cinnamon Queen was given away without thinking. A chicken we would eventually eat! Yep, we will be married for a very long time, and our children will grow up in a happy and high-spirited environment. All without any access to the normal drama of life many of you may go through. Homesteading is family!

His Perspective
  • September 27, 2011

This is the current SD version. The 1080p HD version will be available tomorrow. Just a hint, it is 2gb!