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Becoming More Intentional
  • January 8, 2019

New Year. New You. We have all heard this phrase, maybe even declared it ourselves. But I have concluded that you becoming has nothing to do with a new year. It is actually a mindset. I’ve tried to get on the bandwagon of changing or becoming better at the turn of a new year, but fail miserably. My mindset or my will to do better must change in order to see change. Perfect example… I want to lose weight. Well, if I’m not willing to give up the cheesecake, I don’t see that happening any time soon ?. BUT I’m working on it! But in all honesty, I want to become more intentional about my goals and purpose.

With the ways of the world and our timelines flooding with others “successes” it can become daunting to even focus on your goals because we’re driven to compare ours with what we see others succeed in. Well in this season, I’m letting go of the status quo and am choosing to become more intentional with my life and how I live it.

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us.” 

Richie Norton

Organize Your Thoughts Intentionally

One of my main focus this season is to spend more time in the Word and journal. I know I have said this before, but I’m a witness that journaling and writing, in general, is a great time stamp of what you’ve read and heard. I became more intentional about writing in 2017 during my church’s year-end consecration. God spoke to me and I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget what He said concerning me so I wrote it down. What I failed to do was keep that notebook to just journaling and not grocery shopping lists and child drawings. This time, I will be transferring my notes to a new notebook dedicated to journaling alone and disciplining myself not to use it for any other purpose. If my thoughts are organized, my life will benefit from it.

Organize My Daily Life Intentionally

My life is hectic and that is my doing. I am a home school mom. I am also a dance mom and TaeKwonDo mom six days a week by choice. My children are thriving in their extracurricular activities, but I need balance. Although my children have committed this year to their activities, I need to keep in mind of my own goals and duties. Because I can’t change their commitments this year, that means I need to use the time I have, for my own sanity. This means waking up early and completing tasks that will be impossible to accomplish while dealing with my children. Easier said than done, huh?! It is so easy to stay in bed til 7 even 8 am, but I have already began my days early and I can say, I’ve gotten a look of work done. Organizing my life intentionally is the need of balance and rest. It is easy to fill up my day with things to do, but taking care of self is most important.

Designing a More Simplistic Life

Because things are so hectic this extracurricular year, I’m looking forward to resting and better time management. With that being said, this year, saying no will be my anthem to a lot of people and opportunities. And I AM OK WITH THAT. I am ok with living my life with less and in return gaining so much more. My calendar does not have to be filled with unnecessary business. I will be focusing on my goals. Spending more meaningful time with family and close friends and making memories. You can’t get much simpler than that!

How can you make your life more simplistic? Minimalistic? Start now with making your life more meaningful. Before every action, there is a moment given to process the reaction. Make sure those moments given are used wisely and thought through. That short moment will determine the outcome of your journey.

“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.”

John C. Maxwell, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters

What To Do Before Your Husband Comes Home….
  • February 26, 2016

Now, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my life as a homemaker has been awesome thus far and I’m enjoying every moment spent raising my children and watching them bloom into great human beings! :) But being a homemaker can also be quite overwhelming to a point where you can’t figure out why and how all of the time went. So, I decided to map out my day so I would know how my time is spent and if I’m as productive as I need to be.

During the day, I try to clean in intervals. I have 2 little ones at home until noon, so I keep them occupied with coloring books and activities so I can start my cleaning adventures (sweeping, mopping, laundry). When I have most of my cleaning completed, I attempt to change into some clothes…It is very tempting to walk around in pajamas on the days when you’re home with no reason to even check the mail. There has been plenty of times where time didn’t permit me to even shower let alone look presentable for my husband, so I make it an effort to look decent. :) Now, this may be old school to some, but history shows that men hasn’t changed and they have expectations about their homes…

But here are my top 3 things you can do before your husband comes home from work…

3. Change your clothes!!! Get out of last night’s PJ’s and look like you took care of yourself during the day. I can’t tell you how much this means to your husband when he comes home after a long day to see his wife adorned.

2. Have dinner prepared and a snack on hand when he arrives. This has been something very important for me, because having a large family, I cannot slack in the food department. Something has to be prepared when the children comes home from school as well as something for daddy. My husband usually works through lunch so his first meal will be what you serve to him when he arrives.

1. Maintain a clean home. Coming home tripping over a pile of shoes at the front door is not a good welcome, so straightening up a bit. This will also spare you an unnecessary argument because you’re upset everyone’s walking over shoes…just put them in its place during the day.

What are some of your suggestions on keeping a clean home? What are some ways you prepare for your husband’s arrival? Please share!!


When Less is More
  • August 17, 2015

Growing up I was under the impression that life was about the bigger and better things of life. Looking back, I realize the pressure to appear to be something you’re not. People will go in debt to look the part. Is it worth it?

Now that I have my own family now and our own expenses, we choose to live within our means well enjoying our lives professionally and leisurely. Living less doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have the means to live, but you choose to live without the stress of living check to check. Get it?

For a few years now, my focus has been on my family and being debt free…  from mortgage to a piece of mind! It is easy to get wrapped up in the latest trend and way of life, but when you are focused on your goals, no trend can even tempt you! Don’t get me wrong a nice pair of shoes always makes a girl smile, but it should not be the source of your happiness.

I want my life to be full of adventure and thrills… risks and rewards. How can this happen if I’m living like the next person?! As Christians, we are to live a purposeful life. A life that is a refection of God’s love, grace and favor! When people see you, do they see Christ or the things you throw in their face? My hope is I’m seen “naked” and completely “transparent”. No one should ever question who I belong to or what I represent.

When you see me, I hope you see patience. Patience is a very complicated and “offensive” word for this day in age. We live in the express or gimme now society. No one waits for anything! My husband and I have a goal to build our first home (with our own hands) before age 33! This is unbelievable to many and some even have to offend their reason why they did something different. One person once said, To each its own” and I fond this to be valid. We never compared ourselves with the next couple, but being the light God has called us to be, some people feel the need to validate themselves. What people fail to realize, our decisions does not affect yours. You want the suburban life? Go for it!! We are godly proud of you! You want the most popular gadget?! Yessss, werk it out! But for me and my house, if we want those things, we believe we rather do it off of impulse or for popularity, but to fulfill our OWN goals! And in doing so, patience and hearing from God plays a huge role in our lives.


When you see me, I hope you see ingenuity. For the past year, we have been transitioning into a homestead life. Growing our own fruits, experimenting with farm animals, and farm fresh eggs, the works! Who would have thought that a couple of city kids would love the country life so much!! From big city contracts to building chicken coops and pig pens, who would have thought?! My hope is that people are encouraged to live out their dream even if it’s not very popular to do.


When you see me, I hope you see confidence. Being confident in your decisions can make you stand apart. People’s opinions begin to flow into your personal space. Once you are secure i your goals and livelihood, their opinions will not matter. When we decided to follow God and move to Texas, we had people praying against us…LITERALLY!! People told us they were praying against our hast decision. When we moved into a mobile home, we were told to just buy a home and worry about building one later. That may have worked for someone else, but not us! We are confident in our decision…even in our struggle.


When you have your life goals together, everything else doesn’t matter. Living a life of less is so relieving. Less drama, less negativity, less stress. You would think everyone’s goal is to be with less of these things, but some actually thrive on it. To each its own.

Actually, during this time of living within our means, I’ve been able to really enjoy nature. Living in the country has taught me to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. It has also taught me to be a better steward of the things we are given. Too often we are concerned about artificial and man made fashions of this world and are easily wrapped up in fantasy that we lose focus of the things that matter…God, family and relationships. This Less is more journey is focused on those three things. I want all that God has in store for me…the true riches of life. One of my favorite songwriters (Jimmy Needham) sung,

“ Why are we so convinced a bigger audience
Is simply common sense to have?
Maybe success is measured best
By nothing less then our obedience”

If we put our focus and our energies to the Source of our being, we will enjoy the promises of God. If we stayed committed to God, our obedience, patience and long-suffering will be rewarded. What a way to be!!!!

Are you on a Less is more journey? What ways are you freeing yourself to enjoy the bounty of God’s promises for your life?