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Getting Bookings: My ESL Teaching Journey
  • November 25, 2019
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Hello and thank you for your support. Today, I will discuss bookings!

Many new teachers experience low bookings. I know I did! I joined and became eligible to teach in April and luckily taught only 7 classes. May, I taught 2 classes. June, 14, July there was a bump in classes and I taught 82! Big difference huh?! Read More

  • July 6, 2016

However you choose to spend your time outside of God, you have made into an idol. Have you ever heard of this statement? I have and have dealt with idolatry in the past.

In 2005, I was delivered from idolatry. Well, before then, I didn’t think I was guilty of this until I ask the Lord to reveal to me anything that was keeping me from Him. This may seem funny to some, but I needed deliverance from secular music…to be more specific, Michael Jackson. Everything about Michael, I knew. I loved him and defended him. As a child, no one understood me or could help my insecurities… I feared everything, so I hid behind the persona of Michael Jackson. To me, he understood loneliness and the pain of being singled out. I easily related with his story. I began to follow and study (whew it sounds bad just saying these words, but it’s my story) Michael Jackson at the age of 6, after a life altering experience. I couldn’t speak to anyone and if I did, no one would listen.

But fastforward to 2005, God revealed to me that even though I stopped listening to secular music, I needed to break spiritual ties to Michael Jackson before He can reveal Himself to me. Today, I can say, if I hear his music or even the name, I won’t have any ties to it. I am reminded of my deliverance from his music but nothing more.


So, I said that to say, idolatry is very real. My time was spent thinking and listening and studying a man. Now that I think about it, I was nuts! But God!!

Now you may not be of that magnitude, but anything that has your attention more than God, you need to put down! The Word says that God is a Jealous God (Exodus 34:14). His Throne is shared with no thing! No person, no activity, no other relationship…NOTHING!!


But what is considered an idol?


Let’s take a quick look…


  1. Lust: Today, media has giving lust a whole new meaning. Originally, it is something your flee from, but every innocent scroll down your timeline, you are tempted with something. The bible discusses this in many scriptures. One that come to mind is from 2 Timothy 2:22 says, “Flee also from youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”
  2. Pride: We are consumed with pride these days. Ho we are better than the next or how we can get ahead with little to no work at all. We are prideful bunch! I think there a a line between being proud of what you can accomplish in the Lord and what you thought you did on your own. When you become over-zealous in yourself, you have bigger issues. “Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD:though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.”(Proverbs 16:5)
  3. Entertainment/Media: Are the things that keep you entertained pleasing to God? Do you see yourself secluding from others because of the fear of being caught or judged? Maybe you need to reconsider what keeps your eyes from God. Entertainment can be music, social media, movies, TV shows, etc. As you can see from my testimony, this idol is very real. Colossians 3:17 “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Do you have a God-honoring heart with your daily activities and entertainment?

I truly believe if you are serious about your relationship with God, He’ll reveal your wrong, convict you and give you a new appetite that is pleasing to Him. If you are afraid of what others think about this decision, then you are giving those verythings and people power over you in which can be considered as another idol. When you are so concerned about how others perceive you instead of the One who has the ultimate say, can be an idol. As Christ followers/representers, we should seek the very things and heart of God. By doing this, we place our very desires in His hands. We are secured in Christ. We have power of the lust and thoughts of this world.


RARE Haul: I went shopping, y’all!!!
  • January 22, 2016

Annie Weightloss 2014

30 lb weight loss (2014)

Guess who went shopping?!

I did!!

This is my second time going shopping after my major weight loss! April 2014, I loss 30 lbs!! I worked my tail off and with the help of the flu, I met my weight goal faster! NO JOKE!! But back to my original topic… shopping!!

Well, like I mentioned, I went to Ross back in 2014 and bought dresses and shirts to compliment my new body. I refused to shop for anything bigger which would make me comfortable with my weight at that time. It was definitely a struggle to see all of the beautiful summer dresses and jeans, but I remained disciplined and waited it out. Well, fast forward to two weeks ago, I decided to stop by Ross while I was nearby and and grabbed some amazing pieces at amazing prices!! Now, I am not the one to show off my closet, but these prices were too good of a deal to keep them to myself!

Now, don’t get use to this haul thingy…this is once every blue moon! Seriously! Moms, you understand! As you can tell, I shop the clearance section. My favorite part of any store! There’s always hidden treasures in there!

But, if I come across crazy prices like this again, I’ll let you know… especially if it concern kids’ clothes! You don’t have to spend a ton to get a cute look. Maybe I’ll do a look to a piece or two! Hmmm…

If you’re anything like me, clothes don’t matter, but it sure did feel good buying for myself! Whew!! Can someone say “Retail Therapy”?


What are some of your fab finds?!?!






















































































































































































Saving Money: Laundry Hacks
  • October 5, 2015

Before we begin the quest to saving money on laundry, ask yourself these questions?

  1. How often do you wash your laundry?
  2. Do you have any kids? Active lifestyle that causes you to wash more?
  3. How effective is your laundry detergent?

If you have a big family like me or wash frequently, you understand how pricey washing clothes can become. The hassle of buying the right detergent,washer/dryer and whether it is HE (high efficiency) can add up! But there is a solution and a smart, green one at that!

HACK #1:

Buy a high efficiency washer/dryer! I know, everyone can’t run out to the nearest appliance store and pick them up but eventually when your set breaks down (like mine did a few months ago), be sure to do your research! High Efficiency washer/dryers saves money on energy and water, has more space because there is no longer an agitator and has more washing settings to ensure cleaning and water usage. {to read more about HE, click here.}


HACK #2:

Choose the right detergent for your needs. Detergent is just as important as the appliance that use it. There is a very valuable and competitive market for detergent,but buying the most popular wouldn’t necessarily benefit you if you are trying to save money. On average, a family would spend between $180 – $600 per year (or every 300-390 loads) on laundry detergent. Crazy right!? Well, as for me and my family, we have been a devoted Charlie’s Soap user for nearly 7 years. We would buy a 32 lb bucket of powder Charlie’s Soap and it would last us 1 1/2 to 2 years! One bucket takes care of 1250 loads! Amazing right! Now you won’t get the smell of rain dew or flowers,but the fresh smell of clean clothes…. actually that’s all I need! Charlie’s Soap also saved me money on baby detergent, because it is safe for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic… and NO NEED FOR FABRIC SOFTENERS!


HACK #3:

Wash with cold water even your whites! Washing your clothes in cold water saves you so much money and energy. Energy is wasted up to 90% in heating up the water for your hot washes. Cold water preserves the life of your clothes,shrink your carbon footprint and helps the planet ( after all, we are stewards of the land).


HACK #4:

Wash linens separately. Yes, it is usually convenient to throw all your clothes and towels into the same wash, but you are actually wearing your towels mixing them in with heavier fabrics such as jeans. How do you save money by separating your towels? Isn’t that wasting money? Separating your towels ensures the quality of your linen hence not having to buy more sooner than needed.


Well, I hope this help you for your next laundry day! What are some of your favorites tips passed on? I would love to hear them! Comment below or start the conversation on my Facebook Page!


See you soon!