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My Softliss Keratin Treatment Experience: One Month Update
  • September 1, 2015

Hi Guys!!

I’m back with my one month update for my Softliss Keratin Treatment! To recap, on July 31 I went in to have the treatment done. Since then, I’ve been loving every minute with my hair. Honestly, I’ve never been so confident and proud of my natural hair.

As of today, my hair is still manageable and moisturized (I could’t say that before). Being a busy mom with five kids, manageability is definitely needed. I washed  my hair sooner than I wanted to last week ( August 27). Working in the yard (cutting grass, watering plants, and feeding animals) made my hair filthy, so a good hair washing was needed. I washed and conditioned my hair with sulfate free products and blow dried my hair. I didn’t feel the need to straighten my hair because I just didn’t want the extra heat. I thought I would be a bit more creative with my hair since I now have the ability to do so, but that hasn’t been the case. I may style my hair once a week, I may not.

Today, I’m rocking a messing top knot and will be running errands and such. All there is to do with my hair is slick down my edges and I’m out the door!


I will definitely revisit my Softliss Keratin Treatment in the near future!


Stay tuned for my month 2 update (with pictures)!!!


My Softliss Keratin Treatment Experience: Week 2
  • August 21, 2015

As you may know, I am natural (hair not chemically treated) and have been for nearly 8 years! My hair grew, suffered damage, grew again and has been trimmed away. A few months ago, I’ve experienced stress related breakage which caused my armpit length to become barely shoulder length today. Now that that I am started this new hair journey, I wanted to try something different. Something that will make my hair more manageable and will promote growth. So for 7 months, I’ve been researching alternatives to relaxers (yeah it got serious). Luckily, my research ended where I found a stylist near by who specializes in Softliss Keratin Treatments.  I messaged her with questions and she educated me and reassured me that I would be grateful if I did it, but did tell me to continue my research. And I did!

After our family vacation( blog to come) and a few weeks, I scheduled my appointment July 31. THE BEST DECISION I’ve ever made!!

The process is pretty simple. My hair was cleansed 3 times. Then it was set for about 10 minutes…blow dried and flat ironed…then washed again and finally blow dried, flat ironed, trimmed and styled. The process was 2 hours total! Just as my specialist promised! She walked me thru the entire process the whole way through!

Well, two weeks later in 90+ degrees in Texas, my hair is still holding up! I washed my hair August 14 and here’s my hair after a wash. Pictures below documents my 2 week old hair before my first wash post treatment….my hair after the wash and condition…..then after blow drying and flat ironing.

The treatment will last up to 4 months depending on my wash schedule. Only stipulation is that I wash my hair with sulfate free products! Not a problem! I love the manageability of my hair! This was a great decision for my hair. Being natural, I’ve learned so much. My hair is unique and what works well with one person does not means it’ll work for me. I can’t wear my hair in its natural state comfortably without the fear of tangles, knots and breakage. The Softliss Treatment takes away those fears. I can style my hair easily and confidently. The price tag of this treatment was well worth the investment!

Stay tuned for my One Month Update!