Welcome everyone!
I am Antoinette and I am so excited about this new chapter of my life. I was a bit reluctant of sharing my life, but within the past few months, I have dealt with many things and my testimony just might bless someone through this blog.
I am a Chicago- native and have been all my life until just recently when my family decided and with the push of God to transition to Houston, Texas without looking back. We felt a sense of relief and is happy with what God has in store for this family. I won’t go into detail now, but expect to read a lot about our Journey to Texas!

This blog will consist of the following:
*Regular readings about my life: I have experienced a lot so far in my young 25 years. I believe the wisdom God has given me will encourage and inspire my readers.
*A section dedicated to explore a husband’s view on life, love, and other random topics you the reader would want to know. My husband will have a voice and will give you detailed information.
*Raising children in a Christian home and instilling values in their young lives.
*And on a few occasions, I will share my natural journey concerning hair and healthy living. *Also things that inspires me: art, music, and photography.

I enjoy reading things that inspires and convicts me. I always benefit things that are sincere and life changing, so I hope you feel the same when you read this blog.

So, see you soon!

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