We are approaching the end of the year and it is about that time to think about those infamous resolutions. I say infamous because although we have good intentions to accomplish some short term goals, we always find a way to avoid them because they mean work. I never really did the whole resolution thing because I figured why not start now at these goals? Why wait till the New Year? Use today as encouragement to get things done…we are gifted today because tomorrow is not promised. I am living in the now and I am sure everyone is too!

I have a new perspective of life and even though I have known the Lord for a few years now, I feel that this year, He has really shown Himself in my life. I will begin my series of “Our Journey to Texas” in November. I believe it will fit the theme of the month…transition and thankfulness. But anywho, I plan on starting today to study more and have more family devotions. Life happens and to miss those moments during the day with devotion with the family makes a difference I have noticed. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that we can do better. How can you anticipate change if you believe that there is no room for change?

It’s harvest time. What will you reap now? Don’t put off your goals till the New Year, start now!

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