I remember growing up in the Englewood community in Chicago; the neighborhoods were filled with children whose parents couldn’t afford the toys of the time. But, that didn’t stop them from having fun. Boredom was not an option. Although I was the few that had a bike and skates, many didn’t have that “luxury” so what many resulted in was grabbing pieces of 2×4’s, city garbage can wheels, and milk crates to create the well-known go carts. For those who didn’t like the idea of building things played restaurant and made meals from twigs, leaves and dirt. Or there were always the playgrounds. My parents always took us to Ogden Park, a city park in the heart of Englewood.
I am now amazed at the creativity of my time and I feel sorry for the youth now who are stuck in their homes watching television because to them there is nothing else to do. I am raising my children to know they can create their own entertainment. Right now, they find a cardboard box fun and entertaining. They’ll take a screw driver over a toy in a minute. With my husband being a plumber back in Illinois, they loved to play with his tools and drilling things together! Fun is all around, it just has to be discovered and create.
In what ways did you entertain yourself growing up? Please share if you’d like!

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