I was reading a blog entry by a Kimberly M. Chastain and she simply asks a question. Are you a microwave or a crock pot? This is in reference to our prayer life and how in most situations we want God to answer our prayers in a microwave fashion instead of allowing God to work in His own time to perfect our desires and fully cook the results. This small reading reminded me of my fault of trying to rush God and by doing so put myself in a deeper whole or in other words undercooked.

I am reminded of how God worked on behave of Gideon. Yes, it was easier for God to equip thousands of Israelites to defeat the 120,000 strong Midianites but God chose only three hundred. God’s way is always perfect and His way is right, but we feel that we can assist God in the preparation. If we will only allow God to work on our behalf, our situations will be easier to endure when we can rely on the fact that God is in control.
Although microwaves offer faster results and we get to feast right away, wouldn’t you enjoy the privilege of waiting and feasting on something that is filling and satisfying? I will continue to practice on trusting and waiting on the Lord, the feasting is much greater that way!
To read the story of Gideon, check out Judges 6-7.
Fresh and appetizing Enchiladas
(crock pot cooked)

Processed and least appetizing Enchiladas

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