What a year!! Whew!!
We have been through some rough and unexpected turns throughout this year. Our faith has been tested, our pride has been shot down and through all the turmoil, faith has been renewed and we can boast in the Lord like never before!

The lessons I’ve learned this year has been to trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5) and to depend on Him to supply all my need (Phil 4:19). Years prior, we always had the company to rely on when our personal lives we’re in the balance, but God stripped us from our enabler and we had nothing but His word to get us through EVERYTHING! There were times we didn’t have the money to get us to church, but God provided. We haven’t lacked anything yet! Thank You Jesus. We are truly blessed to have a Father who sees our needs and hear our cry. We have every right to be grateful. People in similar situations have lost their minds, but God got us through.  There were times when I didn’t know whether we could afford clothes for our growing babies, but God provided.
We have never been through anything of this magnitude and God saw us fit for this journey. Texas has been a blessing to us spiritually. I truly believe we would not have gotten through this in Illinois. God brought us here with no connections to fall back on, no family to take us in, no friends to call on…but we have built friendships we have prayed for since we’ve been married and our marriage is able to withstand anything now. We had to be broken for God to build us up. We started from scratch with life and I can honestly say I feel renewed!
I thank God for those who have prayed for us and even those who had given us the side eye. God knew what He was doing!
When we left Illinois, God freed us from the drama and stress of having to be forced to compete and workaholism (hmm). We have a fresh start and we love it. We are content where we are knowing that God has something awesome for this family. We have plans to go on a missions trip…something that wasn’t possible in Illinois and we are excited about ministry like never before. God is so good!

When you actually think about it, we all had some sort of God experience this year. What was yours and are you grateful?

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