We have done the unthinkable… My husband and I with some spiritual counselling decided to go back into plumbing after a year of hanging the channel locks. We were a bit reluctant going into plumbing since our Texas journey begun because of fear of going through unnecessary drama and conflict of interest… Construction has its benefits but if you are not careful, you will be trapped. Our mission in life is do everything unto the Lord and the life as a union plumber/company was conflicting our ministry.
But this time around, we have a fresh start. I believe God is in this and He will get the glory. We are much wiser and aware of things. We have matured in Christ significantly this year and we will not allow ourselves to fall into the same situation again.
Ray had a conversation recently and said that if he had the opportunity to work in ministry building servers and enhancing technologies he would drop plumbing in a heartbeat. That comment didn’t rub the person in a right way. What this person fail to realize is that God has supplied our every need and our goal is not to make millions but to be family oriented and ministry minded. But where we are today, we are closer to our goal to buying a home and spending much of our time with each other and ministry.
We have been in prayer and have been fasting to hear from God and have been making our requests known. Things are definitely lining up and in addition to fasting and praying, we are about to go into consecration to seek GOD. I am excited to see God’s plan for our lives and I know without a shadow of doubt that our journey and struggle is not in vain. 2012 is our new beginning so look out!

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