After 6 years of martial bliss and 5 years of parenthood, we decided to celebrate Christmas. For years there has been a dispute on whether we should celebrate it. Christmas has become so commercialized that we didn’t want to fall into the category of not celebrating the true meaning. Well, this past Christmas we celebrated with gifts and an awesome time at church. We didn’t put up a tree, but I do plan on doing so the next Christmas holiday to have a tradition for the kids sake.
Testimony time: We have decided to start saving money to have a hefty down payment on a home we are interested in. As a result of saving, we figured we hold off buying the things the kids asked for. But don’t you know, that our kids had an abundance of gifts? Clothes, shoes, and a toy or two from a variety of friends and family. We are so grateful for those who helped us celebrate Christmas with our children. This Christmas has shown us that God is faithful and know our need. He has supplied our every need for our children and we are so so grateful! Glory to God!!

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