I am a fan of online shopping. I would rather shop online than be overwhelmed by the shoppers and lines. I have learned some important ways to shop safely online to ease my worries of fraud:

1. Check website credibility- When I shop online, I go to the retailers I would visit in person (i.e. Victoria’s Secret, Express, Walmart) I believe it is easier to determine this is if the store have their own commercial, I can trust them.

2. Website Security- If you look at your address bar, you should see a padlock. If the padlock is there, all the information you enter will be protected and will not be shared.

3. Use Paypal- Paypal creates a random card number that is attached to your real information or you can create a Paypal account dedicated for online shopping. I found this much more reliable than putting my bank information into the system. By paying with Paypal, you keep your credit card information private, meaning you can shop safely without worrying about con artists downloading your account info from the online stores.

Well, these are just a few ways to shop safely online. I hope I have eased some worries about doing business online. I believe shopping online is fast and convenient. I pay bills, shop for shoes and even enrolled in college online. I makes my busy life easier. 

Tell me about your experiences with online shopping! And if you can additional information to share, please do so!!

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