Many may not have known that I had debt…well now you know! I had credit card debt. I was at the time the only one with good credit and it was used to help build the business. While the business was booming, my credit was dropping like hot cakes! No one don’t know this, well now they do, about the sacrifices we have made. Then after realizing I had some good credit, I got a few more cards at popular clothing stores. I was faithful in making the monthly payments and paid them all off. Times got hard and finances were decreasing during the winter months. If you are familiar with construction, there’s usually no large jobs or construction during the winter, but anyway, I dipped into the credit.Well after nearly 5 years of financial bondage and with the conviction of the Holy Spirit and testimony of the saints at my church, we decided to pay off all I owe.

Upon our decision to take care of my debts, I received a call from the medical center where I delivered Ray 2 years ago saying I owe $4000 for his birth! I knew something had to distract me from pursuing financial freedom. It always happens that way with us. During my pregnancy with Ray, we were insured through the plumbers’ union in Chicago through BCBS and they covered the cost. Come to find out, they denied the case because they didn’t have Ray’s birth certificate. Haha…will problem solved! I have that..DONE! I thank God for keeping me calm through that little bump in the road. I would have had a fit about that before.

But as of March 5, 2012, I am proud to announce I am debt free!!! Halleujah!! God is good! God provided and allowed us to do some major saving and now we’re free!!

We told God that we would handle our debt before we left Chicago, but 2011 was a very stressful and heavy year for our family (Read: Our Journey to Texas). We postponed our promise to God which most likely had a lot to do with the mess we dealt with. But we finally buckled down and did what we had promised we do and God opened doors! Ray has a great job and we have a home to call our own. We are moving as I type!

I hope this has encouraged you to do what you promised to God and follow through! We learned a hard lesson by postponing. God rewards faithfulness. Don’t let your situation affect your promises.

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