Senegalese Twists! Yup, I finally got them after months of straddling the fence. I wanted to be sure I was doing the right thing for my hair. I have been growing my hair without the help of extensions or 5 years! I have been careless in the past with them by not moisturizer and massaging my scalp throughout the duration of the extensions. Improper care causes damage and breakage and I have definitely learned the hard way. This time around, I am very careful with how I handle my hair and I wear a scarf at night.  This time around, I am moisturizing, massaging and steam conditioning my hair with my Senegalese twists. I got them done April 6 and it took 12 HOURS!! I was told 5 hours max but that was a lie!! I am so happy that the twists are not tight. I walked out of the shop without a headache!

 If you are considering a protective style for the summer months, research what is best for you and how to maintain the style. I have done my share of research and I am pleased with my decision.

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