Men play a valuable role in a child’s life. Whether you are a father, father figure, uncle, pastor, or friend, your positive influence help mold a child’s life. The saying is true that, “no one’s perfect”, but you can make a difference if you set yourself for it. There are times you may have not been your best or a better example, but luckily it’s never too late to change a child’s life.

I am very grateful for my dad. We may not agree all of the time, but my dad has given me an example of a provider and a father of many children. I love my dad!

I am also grateful for my husband. He has been a beautiful example of a Godly husband and father. Our children are so blessed and they know that!!! I honor my husband this Father’s Day! Thank you for being a leader in our family! I love you dearly!!

My honey bun!!


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