Well the title speaks for itself! So much has been going on! I have officially entered into my Early Childhood Education major and it has been quite hectic! I have goals to accomplish and it takes studying and patience. I have also been focus on my church and family. This week was the year anniversary of my faith journey. Last year on July 10th, my oldest was rushed to the hospital for an unexpected seizure. This same day, we had a deadline to evacuate the home we purchased (to read details of our testimony, read Journey to Texas in this blog) And July 11 is my youngest 1st birthday! I am preparing for her photo shoot with NewBurns Photography aka me!

I do have exciting news for you guys, though!! My husband is supporting me in my search for a product line that will promote growth and moisture. So every three months, I will be testing out different products until I find what works best for me and my girls! I will be blogging and vlogging my results and thoughts. I am exciting about this experience and I thank my husband for supporting my endeavor!

So stay tuned!! And if you have any natural products, remedies, or suggestions that I may be interested in, just email me or comment below!

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