Last year was a very trying time for our family. Away from our comfort zone and our way of life, we knew we longed for more than what money can offer. We had the know how to make things work out, but it was God who wanted to see if we were worthy of His blessings. We were tested.

Since we made up in our hearts we wanted everything God had in store for us, our journey was bumpy. We moved from our suburban home, we walked away from our company and ran toward God! We landed in Texas living on the road and hopped city to city. You can read about our journey here on my blog, entitled “Journey to Texas”.  Long story short, the holidays rolled around and I prepared a Thanksgiving meal for my family. We lived in an RV with a leaky roof and no working oven so I winged it! My husband bought a toaster oven. With that I was able to make a stuffed turkey breast with cornbread dressing, baked mac and cheese and 2 sweet potato pies and dinner rolls. Not much but considering the circumstances, it was more than enough!  I was thanking God the whole time. Things could have been worst!

I look where God has brought us from and I am grateful! Hot water, an oven, a stable roof over my head, a healthy family and most importantly a firm foundation in Christ! God is so good and this year I will ring in the holidays with new traditions with my family. Life is too short and we will enjoy the holidays! 

After our dinner, we will decorate the house with all the Christmas trimmings. I am so excited!


Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be thankful for your life and health!

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