Homemade Gift Ideas

  • December 3, 2012

 I love DIY projects! They are inexpensive and more meaningful when you create it yourself. I have found a better appreciation to things that to others may not have much value. If you are short on cash ad want to be a blessing to others, spread a little bit of Christmas cheer with my top five homemade gift ideas!

1. Homemade/child-made hand print framed art.

2. Hand print tree ornaments

3.  Sharpie written coffee mugs (love this!)

4. Candle in a teacup (melt wax, place wick, pour wax and let mold)

5. Family Compilation DVD of memories. We have done this in the past and they were great gifts!!


I know I’ll be doing one of these projects with the kiddos to give to my family. What about you? What are some of your favorite DIY gift ideas?