*These are opinions and tips that helped me train my 5 children. I am an expert only on my experience. Every child is different and develop at their own pace.*


On my quest to discover an easy, stress-free way to potty train my children, I have come to the conclusion that there is NO EASY METHOD!! I have 5 children and am working on my last potty training session. I have pretty much tried everything! From the schedule method to the reward system. I have realized there’s no right way to potty train your children because they all learn differently. Especially boys!! All boys need is to have everything laid out for them and their father and they will master the potty. I tried to train my son twice before I asked the help of my husband. When he stepped in, our son was trained in less than a month!!

Some of my successful methods to potty train goes as follows:


2. Brightly colored potty seat. Bring out the bells and whistles!

3. Your child’s favorite cartoon character themed underwear.

4. Activity books and crayons. When your child is waiting to make a poo, they can entertain themselves by coloring in their favorite coloring book.

5. Awards and rewards when they successfully use the potty. Make using the potty a huge deal each and every time! Never reward your child with food, you will be in or a unexpected reward yourself! Trust me, you don’t want it!!

Another thing I did while potty training my children was to limit their juice intake and schedule their meals. After a while, you know when they have to “go” and so will they. This helps to minimize the surprises they will leave in shoes, in their underwear drawer, in your closets and across you floors! Oh trust me, it went down in my house! Disinfectant spray and bleach was my BFF!!


Well, I hope I helped ease some of your worries and answers some of your questions! Feel free to comment below if you have any other suggestions and comments!



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