Shady home purchase. Impromptu eviction notice. Constable at the door.

9 months pregnant (past due). Three children. Unknown seizures.


This pretty much sums up our weekend 4 years ago! Yes, in a matter of 3 days our lives changed! Who would have thought this?!? God had a plan bigger than we had ever imagined. If you read about our journey to Texas, you know our rollercoaster ride to get to where we are today. God put us in situations we would have never thought for ourselves.

Yes, indeed we are a crazy family who live extreme…We literally ran from the city life to pursue a country life. Our lives 4 years ago differs greatly now. Our faith our marriage our family values have all benefited from that weekend. Are we where we want to be today? We would have never had a chance to raise our own farm and live a homestead life, but God has so much in store for us. Nothing never goes as planned if we do things on our own. Everything we do, God is in the mix…every decision made is based upon a Word God gave.

And as we embark on the next journey in our lives, we are faced with another situation… yes…exactly 4 years later, but we are wiser and are ready for our next level! God is taking our family for a ride and I can’t wait to share our continued testimony.

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