This summer will be new and full of adventure and fun! This Friday, my family and I are going to a splash park. I am very excited about it because I love to play in water. My friend Alexia  is going to be there. Next Friday on the 23rd of  June I will be going to Tennessee  for a family reunion with my dad’s sisters, mom and dad. It’s only June and there is so much to do!

My summer hobby :

Sewing is one of my hobbies. There are so many types of sewing but mostly stitching; it is one of the most easiest thing I could do. Like that would go wrong? It started when I needed more things for my baby doll  because my sister lost her clothes and I was looking for a sewing machine. There was a sale at my church called a rummage sale for the missionary people. There it was a singer sewing machine, so my dad bought it for me with 20$ even though the was a desk attached to it. Anyway I saw there was stitching supplies in the drawer. But I had to try out the sewing machine first . I played a video to guide me so I know how to put on the yarn so I could sew. And i searched for a video on YouTube and I searched up :singer 401 how to  attach yarn . How did I buy it? I know what you’re thinking, “How would Rylee  pay for it if she said her dad paid for it”? Well thank goodness you asked. Well see I have a bank account  my parents took off 20$ off my account because they bought it so I’m the one who actually bought it because I was the last person who got money taken off the account my account. I made dresses for her there is two dresses I didn’t make and three I made these are the four dresses I made the wedding dress,painting dress and the one and only church  dress or if you prefer the JESUS dress and that is all, and the other two dresses I didn’t make was her pajamas and her regular dress that came with her.


The animals names and species :                                                                         I have a donkey named Jackson he likes to yell we didn’t name the chickens we like to chase them around some times.  I have a piglet named Wilber . My mom calls him a cow pig because he has black spots on him. Raymiah  piglet’s name is Nosy Rosy and I guess you know why it has a rosy nose and he sticks his nose in our business really! The  two  pigs that gave birth to them is Pinky and Pirscella .  We had 27 piglets but we’re down to three. We had 6 rabbits  but now we have 5 because the boy died the names are   Fluffy,Snowhite, Maria,Mascara and there is an other name but I forgot.There is Dumbo the big pig he stinks and is yellow. Then there is Little Bo pig don’t know why they  named him that. Also my goats Shy goat , Buck   , Mia , Oliver and Princess  . We did name one chicken Bald chinian I don’t  know  how to spell the chin part . My family used to have dogs some of the dogs we had I had forgotten their names but I do know some our dog names. Jake , Blaze , Covick , Repunzel I guess that about I know wait I remember the other dog her name was Savvanah. YAY! I remembered her name!


My favorite animals(There is a lot so get ready)are Bunnies, kittens, puppies, chicks, piglets, baby goats, ferrets. Even though that is not as much as you think it is to me!


What I Like To Do On Rainy Days

What I like to do is draw , play in the rain , listen to music , dance , mess or play with the animals with Raymiah  , play with Lesly and board games ,and every thing girls like to do like sing and also watch movies with friends .

What I know about GOD

I mostly get my information from the big book of GOD and his son  Jesus  so I love them very much because he gave me this life. My favorite artist singer is Britt Nicole but somehow Jamie Grace gets stuck in my head most of the time . So back to GOD. The spirit of GOD has three persons as people say God the son, God the father and God the holy spirit.

author: Rylee

I like to play with our baby goat. I am in 4th grade, and I can't wait to be a professional in gymnastics and ballet to spread the word of GOD

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