Martha speaks Secret agent dog. Susan Maeddaugh made it .I chose this book because I wanted to read a book  about a talking dog that is a girl dog . The title did sound interesting though.I’m curios about it. The dog flying with a machine on her back for the title made it interesting .the story took place in a car store,air balloon  and her house. The main main character is Martha the dog on the secret agent mission.I guess there is one character then.Martha was on the case because some one stole granny’s recipe from Granny’s soup factory.There was the problem the was trying to solve.The character was on a in the beginning of the story Martha got a note to be an agent. She day dreamed of the things she’ll wear and be. In the middle , the K9-001 told Martha the password to granny’s formula , Martha didn’t even know until she got to Helen . Helen told Martha  ” It seems like they were using you . At the end of the story book she got a call from the professor  so she went to the lab and they needed her to get the formula away from  the doctor felt marker  and she also needed to save Granny. When she was done  doing those things the police arrested the crooks K9-001 also known as Bruno and Dr. Felt marker. Then she got rewarded   with sausage . I did like the book  really. I liked a lot it made me feel exited to read it and at the end it made me feel happy because the crooks got arrested .I’ll tell my friends to read it .

I hoped you liked my book report . Bye!

author: Rylee

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