Hello! My name is Rylee as you all know . I did this this to talk about the two weeks without my dad . So my dad is strict to the boys while he is here and while he was gone the boys were playing all the days while my dad was  gone in Colombia.  So the girls did the chores and the boys chore but Ray did his outside chores but Quamir and Quashon were so lazy my mom had to force them. So any way  I did everything I was supposed to do to make mommy as happy as she could be  like as daddy was here . I did Ray’s chore to make mommy happy as like daddy was here and she was in fact  she was happy without daddy too because she was texting him like crazy! She was fine, eventually . I did my best and did her chore so she wouldn’t lose her voice , I yelled at them for her and I folded her clothes and hung them up too. I love cleaning and folding things I get it  I get it . While daddy was gone I got bored and did ray’s chore the kitchen you know the other post I posted to  the home stead. The frozen yogurt one , remember?   Anyhoo back to the cleaning thing  I did mommy chores like her clothes and the kids room and the living room and the house except for the kids bathroom because mom and dad wanted to see how many tissue they used anyway I did the house but it was dirty because those pigs not the actual pig I was talking  about the kids they make a lot of messes like when I cleaned the kitchen it was a mess again that  is when those extras that moved in  were here Shanice, Quamir and Quashon was at the house but when they are not here everything and everyone is in peace. It was like that in order but the folding mommy’s clothes was a one time opportunity. That is all for this week good bye !

author: Rylee

I like to play with our baby goat. I am in 4th grade, and I can't wait to be a professional in gymnastics and ballet to spread the word of GOD

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