Hi, this is Raymiah, and I want to tell you about a book I read called.” Bad Kitty Puppy’s Big Day!” It Is a VERY good book! I hope you enjoy!

So, in the beginning of the story, kitty gets really mad and starts tearing stuff. The narrator calls Uncle Murray, 15 mins later, Uncle Murray comes, and picks up puppy because kitty is causing problems.So, they go for a walk and behind a bush, puppy finds a toy mouse. The officer pulls up and gives Uncle Murray a ticket, because puppy doesn’t have a leash. Uncle Murray didn’t want to go back to the house because bad kitty. So, he put his belt on the dog…for a leash.

The officer pulled up again and gives Murray another ticket because puppy did #2 and he didn’t have a bag to clean it, so, the officer gave him a bag and a ticket.

10 minutes later, the officer comes and gives Murray a third ticket, because the dog doesn’t have a license, so Uncle Murray gives puppy a license.

So, they go to a park where dogs are allowed. Soon, a dog comes and sniffs puppy’s butt. And, then the dog falls in love. And then she took puppy’s toy, then they get into a fight. Uncle Murray tries to stop it, but the tags rip off. And then the dogs go to the pound.

Then, the dog got mad. And, then the old dog comes. The dog said he’s crazy . Then, this tiny dog comes and tells the dogs not to listen old dog.  The tiny dog writes weird plans to escape the dog jail.

Soon, Murray picks up all the dogs that puppy met.

When PUPPY comes home, the whole house is messed up, because kitty was mad. Puppy gives kitty the mouse toy he found behind the bush, and kitty was happy.The narrator was like SERIOUSLY!!! Kitty was mad because she lost a TOY!!!

So that’s it. I hope you like my report and tell me YOUR fav book.



author: Miah

Hey! I'm Miah. I am a young teenage, Christian girl. I am currently in high school, online. I'm known as the oldest, artist, attention-seeker and spoiled one! Don't really like it much, but that's what I'm known as.

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