Sometimes I get frustrated because I don’t know what to write about and Raymiah waits until I make a post and writes the same thing but exiting . But we do this every week and there is to much things to do. I don’t know what to do for the blog and most of the things I do I already wrote about .Sometimes I have to make to write about and I go to mom because she is the only adult here and I say” Which one of these should I write about sometimes she says it’s your blog sometimes she times she says pick the first one that popped in your head. I’m like really, you serious in ?(in my head). So I don’t like doing blogs for homework and this is what I mostly worry about sometimes.

author: Rylee

I like to play with our baby goat. I am in 4th grade, and I can't wait to be a professional in gymnastics and ballet to spread the word of GOD

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