Hi! This is Raymiah and I want to tell you that it flooded at my house. Before it flooded, we put all the animals in the barn, and our neighbors put their horse and pigs in the barn. Yeah, we’re a great help. Everyday, we check on them, on our boat! Cause it flooded, duh! All the animals are okay don’t worry, BUT MY CAT AND HER KITTENS ARE MISSING!!! But my goat is fine.

Anyway! Yeah, it flooded. It is really high, or deep……..Anyway, again, it is so high, my sister cried, it was so deep, it went to my belly button. I know, right! Once it gets lower, we can swim and play in it.(we like to play in the flood, because we never go to swimming pools, we’re very busy.)?

Anywho, it flooded. The last flood scared us so we got prepared, and my dad built this barn, HE’S AWESOME! So, we got perpared, and here we are now. By the way, if you didn’t know, we were on the news. We were talking about the flood.

So, there you have it, the flood….To Be Continued!(Just Kidding!)

[the answer to the last post was 1 John 4:7. Congratulations to Raymond Burns. He had the right answer. Your gift is Newburns tv Learn with us on youtube!?]

author: Miah

Hey! I'm Miah. I am a young teenage, Christian girl. I am currently in high school, online. I'm known as the oldest, artist, attention-seeker and spoiled one! Don't really like it much, but that's what I'm known as.

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