If y’all wanted to know, homeschool is………. I guess fine. But anyway, my mom taught us a bible verse. It said,the

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat fruit thereof.

It means, If you speak sinful words, it can harm other souls. If you speak holy words, It can make other souls feel better!!! If I were you, I’d be nice for a good life. The Lord wants us to show the example with our words (I thinks he wants us to make people stop cursing OR He wants to be His mouthpiece to tell people about Him!!!)

If you can, I dare you to say nice things to 12 PEOPLE for 1 WEEK!!! If you do, come tell me (by commenting) and ask me anything, and I’ll blog about what you want me to blog


This is why I’m nice!!! HAHAHAHA?

This is what I learned, I also learned about body parts, but their kinda GROSS????, so yeah.

Please comment if you have questions or other stuff. Sorry if this is short, but that’s the only thing I learned.

Thanks for reading!!! BYE!!!

author: Miah

Hey! I'm Miah. I am a young teenage, Christian girl. I am currently in high school, online. I'm known as the oldest, artist, attention-seeker and spoiled one! Don't really like it much, but that's what I'm known as.

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