Hello my name is Rylee Burns and I  will tell you what Christmas gifts I want. So the first one I want is the baby alive Blondie  the full packet I have been wanting it forever. The next one I want is the TY fox plushie (2)  one with blue and one with pink . Don’t you think they are so cute. The third one I want is the furry Fox notebook I love writing so that is one reason I want it the second reason is that it is so cute. The fourth one I want is  some black boots with heels oh my gosh I have been like burning up to get one of those . It is just I want  it  so bad. The last one I want is  a black and white dress I have gray and white but not black and white to match with the black boots with heels . I am sure this is the last one I wish everyone a great Christmas bye and this counts for Christmas break thing I am suppose to do .Bye!

author: Rylee

I like to play with our baby goat. I am in 4th grade, and I can't wait to be a professional in gymnastics and ballet to spread the word of GOD

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