Can you believe it?!?!

2018 is history!! This year has been a wild roller coaster ride and for many, we’re wishing to throw the whole year away! LITERALLY

I can list a handful of things that went wrong and add links to thousands of articles and newsfeeds of tragedies that occurred in December alone but I won’t. We are all aware of the need but are we able to see the goodness and the hope of 2018?!

It’s hard to think about it but I do believe it’s possible!

December 2017, my church was in consecration for the new year and God has revealed Himself mightily. I’ve been in scripture and have been hearing from Him and taking notes throughout the year. Many of the intercessory prayers for others and even mine personally have come to pass and I’ve been in spiritually bliss all year long! For the longest, I’ve questioned my relationship with the Lord and although, I haven’t had any insistences where I “slipped up” but I felt as if there’s was a void in the relationship. As with any relationship, there’s a learning curve and true fellowship and I believe as I get older the more I am aware of my grey areas and ask for help!  

2018 has taught me so much and as I look back, I can reflect on the beauty that the year has provided. This season of my life,  I’ve learned and am still learning… the beauty of “the process”.

As a stay at home mother and home educator, I can complain about my life and how stressful things have become for me in this season of my life… BUT!!! In this season, God has revealed purpose and revelation on my calling to Him and my family…IT’S MUCH MORE THAN ME! 2018 has shown me that even with my children being “sheltered” that they are not always under my care; that I still have to be mindful of their influence and peers even in places that I trust. I’ve also noticed how easily my children are distracted. There’s no way in the world would I be able to protect their minds and spiritual innocence without them being in my care. My children enjoy dance, Taekwondo and church collectively but even in those settings, influence can occur. Conversation and questions always take place and there’s always time for it in our home. For the longest, I’ve worried about them socially, but my children, if you have met them, are the most social kiddos you’d meet. They are also very aware of personalities and are very discerning. I am grateful for that and I’m also grateful of the realization to notice that even though there are influences, I trust the God in my children to be mindful of what they see, hear and do. 

I’ve also realized the need of fellowship and time set aside for it. For a few years now, we’ve noticed the need for others to truly get to know us…to break bread with us, so we make time for it. Yes, it has been some long nights of conversation and conviction but it has been worth it. We are aware of our influence and when an opportunity presents itself, we’ll take it and lead those to the Source, which is Christ. We are indeed imperfect people but we serve a Perfect God, a Good Shepherd, A Good Good Father and we can only drop seeds and live our lives. Even in doing so, there has become some conflict, yet we will not settle or change our convictions while being mindful of the execution of our topics and conversations. We must be mindful what we say and our ways of handling things because others are definitely watching. Practicing stewardship daily and allowing God to use us and lead others to the Word of God with any questions left on the table.

So as we step into the new year and look ahead, reflect on your successes and evaluate your failures and disappointments. Even though tomorrow isn’t promised, still prepare to do better and make things right by evaluating how your time is being used, assessing your relationships, and examining your motives and reasons behind your vocation and approach. In doing so, you are assured you’re pleasing God and being a good steward of your time and resources. Let all your pursuits be pure and intentional.

So in 2019, I will continue to trust the process and live intentionally. One of my biggest regrets of this year was not journalling enough. God spoke all year long and instead of writing what I heard, I won’t what I thought sounded good from Him.. missing the “meat” of it all. I dare not do that again. 2019 will be the year of reveal and restoration and I must journal the process. I will also incorporate more mind-mapping my ideas and plans. I am excited for 2019!! What about you?!


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