Raymiah and Rylee were invited to the National Fine Arts competition after winning in the local district competition. If you know anything about Raymiah and Rylee, you know that they are diligent in honing their skills in Art and Dance.

Please help Raymiah and Rylee participate in this year’s program. They have practiced hard, and they need your financial support to help them make it.

This year’s competition is held in Orlando, Florida on July 31 – Aug 6. They have always been highly involved in their local church organization, and keep God first in every aspect of their lives. This opportunity will strengthen and grow the outreach that their individual skill has.

Raymiah has been studying digital art and animation for over 9 years, and has recently completed 100+ hours in AutoDesk Maya animation classes. Rylee has been studying technical ballet for 7 years. Her daily perseverance has allowed her to dance with Houston Urban Nutcracker and Lauren Anderson.

You can support them by donating below or by purchasing customized wall art from Raymiah. All proceeds will go to their fundraiser for the national competition.

author: Raymond Burns

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