In my opinion, you have to be very creative to make staying at home a fun thing. During the first few months of marriage, I was home by myself. I had a way to get around if need be, but I enjoyed staying at home! I became interested in sewing and designing. As a result of all the studying and researching, I became quite good at it and had a few hobbies to occupy myself. I Googled everything and my knowledge was limitless so being at home was AWESOME!

Now having little ones, that creative energy has to multiply by 4! Television was not the answer nor did it come across my mind, but flashcards, songs and crayons was the star of “Mommy Daycare”. We did not have the television to teach or entertain our children. We created activities and printed worksheets to simulate their curious minds. My oldest recited the alphabet at 10 months and that’s way before she began to actually talk! I felt accomplished and proud that I had the ability to teach. Now with a full house, they all learn from each other so all I have to do is reinforce it! I love it!

Staying home was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

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