After high school, I had in mind to help with my husband’s family plumbing company. College wasn’t on my mind and people disliked me for that. It was my grandmother’s request for me to go to college before she died. In fact throughout my senior year, she made it possible for my high school to visit Grambling State University and many of my classmates visited and attended the university. But, despite my grandmother’s connection with the university, I chose not to attend. I did attend Chicago State University after high school for 3 months and never returned. I wasn’t ready at the time to focus on education.

After years of debate, I decided to go back, but this time for myself! September 2010 I returned to college in an online environment. The convenience of an online learning environment suited my schedule and lifestyle. I am a student of Ashford University, an accredited university and I am happy with my decision. At first I planned to study Accounting and Finance for our business sake, but with the change of direction, I am now pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Administration and Infant and Toddler Care for obvious reasons! LOL…I have always had a dream of owning my own daycare facility and working closely with children. Not only am I enjoying the benefits of quality education, but my husband is also working on completing school in the field of Finance.

Yay for education!! LOL

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