Kitchen appliances I can’t live without

I am a novice on fine cuisine but I know that basics of creating an awesome, mouthwatering dish. I enjoy cooking and recreating dishes I see on the Food Network channel. I’ve learned the importance of presentation and creativity to ensure my family gets the best of their meals, I use my key appliances to make that happen…

1. My handy dandy Crock Pot. I love the fact that I can prepare dinner hours ahead and allow it to cook low and slow. I use the crock pot for hearty dishes such as pot roasts and meatloaves. This appliance allows the meat to soak up its juices creating a savory palette that it please to all five senses.

2. My rotisserie oven. For that rotisserie styled Cornish hens and young chickens. I infuse my bird with herbs and complimented spices for an awesome splash of flavor and juiciness.

3. George Foreman Grill. For those awesome Panini’s, turkey burgers, and Monte cristo sandwiches for a quick snack.

These three appliances allow me to feed my family healthy and wholesome meals and snacks without the need of processed fast foods.

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