To answer the question above…no! We do not celebrate this holiday for the simple fact that we do not celebrate the dead and spirits. It would take me days to talk about the various origins of Halloween, but I do not have the time. I do believe that the enemy uses a variety of schemes to trip up the people of God and places alternatives for us to celebrate the holiday without bluntly saying we’re celebrating Halloween…things like “Hallelujah Parties” instead of Halloween parties, but everything about it is the same or “Hell houses” to show people that Hell is not as enticing as Halloween make it out to be (A.K.A Haunted houses).

Now there are ways to celebrate the season changes; Fall Festivals and Harvest themed activities such as pumpkin picking and orchard visits. These are all fun ways for families to enjoy the crisp weather and prepare for the long winter to come.

Fall 2010

You will definitely see me family enjoy an awesome Fall Festival next week with our church and it will be AWESOME!! Laser tag, bounce houses, games, and food!
Enjoy your Fall!

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