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What is Valentine’s Day?
  • February 14, 2019

What does Death and Fertility have in common? 

If you guessed Valentine’s Day, you are correct! Read More

Operation: Back to School Organization #FAIL
  • September 23, 2015

Being a mom and wife, things don’t always go the way we planned. Life happens, right?

Well, with that said, do you recall my post in August about my plans to organize my children’s clothes each school week? Well, It worked for 2 days! Yup, you read right! Not 2 weeks… TWO DAYS! I hung up my children’s clothes (Monday thru Friday) and after day 2, they didn’t like what they picked out! All of my planning went down the with the rest of my failed ideas! All of the prepping wasn’t all a bust, I lay out their clothes daily after school. They chose what they wanted to wear the next day and set it out for the next morning. No fuss, right? WRONG!!

There are still some days where my son or my 2nd oldest daughter would change their minds 15 minutes before the bus arrived. But, like an experienced mom in the attitude department, I just wake them 15 minutes earlier just in case! LOL

Life sends us curved balls all of the time, but when you know the game, it is not so bad to deal with! Well, I’m signing off! I have kids clothes to fold! LOL


What are some of your failed back to school ideas? We all have been there! Please share below or on my Facebook blog page


My Softliss Keratin Treatment Experience: Week 2
  • August 21, 2015

As you may know, I am natural (hair not chemically treated) and have been for nearly 8 years! My hair grew, suffered damage, grew again and has been trimmed away. A few months ago, I’ve experienced stress related breakage which caused my armpit length to become barely shoulder length today. Now that that I am started this new hair journey, I wanted to try something different. Something that will make my hair more manageable and will promote growth. So for 7 months, I’ve been researching alternatives to relaxers (yeah it got serious). Luckily, my research ended where I found a stylist near by who specializes in Softliss Keratin Treatments.  I messaged her with questions and she educated me and reassured me that I would be grateful if I did it, but did tell me to continue my research. And I did!

After our family vacation( blog to come) and a few weeks, I scheduled my appointment July 31. THE BEST DECISION I’ve ever made!!

The process is pretty simple. My hair was cleansed 3 times. Then it was set for about 10 minutes…blow dried and flat ironed…then washed again and finally blow dried, flat ironed, trimmed and styled. The process was 2 hours total! Just as my specialist promised! She walked me thru the entire process the whole way through!

Well, two weeks later in 90+ degrees in Texas, my hair is still holding up! I washed my hair August 14 and here’s my hair after a wash. Pictures below documents my 2 week old hair before my first wash post treatment….my hair after the wash and condition…..then after blow drying and flat ironing.

The treatment will last up to 4 months depending on my wash schedule. Only stipulation is that I wash my hair with sulfate free products! Not a problem! I love the manageability of my hair! This was a great decision for my hair. Being natural, I’ve learned so much. My hair is unique and what works well with one person does not means it’ll work for me. I can’t wear my hair in its natural state comfortably without the fear of tangles, knots and breakage. The Softliss Treatment takes away those fears. I can style my hair easily and confidently. The price tag of this treatment was well worth the investment!

Stay tuned for my One Month Update!

When Less is More
  • August 17, 2015

Growing up I was under the impression that life was about the bigger and better things of life. Looking back, I realize the pressure to appear to be something you’re not. People will go in debt to look the part. Is it worth it?

Now that I have my own family now and our own expenses, we choose to live within our means well enjoying our lives professionally and leisurely. Living less doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have the means to live, but you choose to live without the stress of living check to check. Get it?

For a few years now, my focus has been on my family and being debt free…  from mortgage to a piece of mind! It is easy to get wrapped up in the latest trend and way of life, but when you are focused on your goals, no trend can even tempt you! Don’t get me wrong a nice pair of shoes always makes a girl smile, but it should not be the source of your happiness.

I want my life to be full of adventure and thrills… risks and rewards. How can this happen if I’m living like the next person?! As Christians, we are to live a purposeful life. A life that is a refection of God’s love, grace and favor! When people see you, do they see Christ or the things you throw in their face? My hope is I’m seen “naked” and completely “transparent”. No one should ever question who I belong to or what I represent.

When you see me, I hope you see patience. Patience is a very complicated and “offensive” word for this day in age. We live in the express or gimme now society. No one waits for anything! My husband and I have a goal to build our first home (with our own hands) before age 33! This is unbelievable to many and some even have to offend their reason why they did something different. One person once said, To each its own” and I fond this to be valid. We never compared ourselves with the next couple, but being the light God has called us to be, some people feel the need to validate themselves. What people fail to realize, our decisions does not affect yours. You want the suburban life? Go for it!! We are godly proud of you! You want the most popular gadget?! Yessss, werk it out! But for me and my house, if we want those things, we believe we rather do it off of impulse or for popularity, but to fulfill our OWN goals! And in doing so, patience and hearing from God plays a huge role in our lives.


When you see me, I hope you see ingenuity. For the past year, we have been transitioning into a homestead life. Growing our own fruits, experimenting with farm animals, and farm fresh eggs, the works! Who would have thought that a couple of city kids would love the country life so much!! From big city contracts to building chicken coops and pig pens, who would have thought?! My hope is that people are encouraged to live out their dream even if it’s not very popular to do.


When you see me, I hope you see confidence. Being confident in your decisions can make you stand apart. People’s opinions begin to flow into your personal space. Once you are secure i your goals and livelihood, their opinions will not matter. When we decided to follow God and move to Texas, we had people praying against us…LITERALLY!! People told us they were praying against our hast decision. When we moved into a mobile home, we were told to just buy a home and worry about building one later. That may have worked for someone else, but not us! We are confident in our decision…even in our struggle.


When you have your life goals together, everything else doesn’t matter. Living a life of less is so relieving. Less drama, less negativity, less stress. You would think everyone’s goal is to be with less of these things, but some actually thrive on it. To each its own.

Actually, during this time of living within our means, I’ve been able to really enjoy nature. Living in the country has taught me to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. It has also taught me to be a better steward of the things we are given. Too often we are concerned about artificial and man made fashions of this world and are easily wrapped up in fantasy that we lose focus of the things that matter…God, family and relationships. This Less is more journey is focused on those three things. I want all that God has in store for me…the true riches of life. One of my favorite songwriters (Jimmy Needham) sung,

“ Why are we so convinced a bigger audience
Is simply common sense to have?
Maybe success is measured best
By nothing less then our obedience”

If we put our focus and our energies to the Source of our being, we will enjoy the promises of God. If we stayed committed to God, our obedience, patience and long-suffering will be rewarded. What a way to be!!!!

Are you on a Less is more journey? What ways are you freeing yourself to enjoy the bounty of God’s promises for your life?

Mommy News: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood may return
  • September 4, 2012

If you are like me, you remember Mister Rogers Neighborhood! I loved to watch the show every morning. Fred Rogers, Presbyterian minister turned television host brought education in a new setting with colorful characters and stories for over 30 years. Well, the television show will continue after nearly a decade of its last episode, but in a new and tech-savvy way.
Meet Daniel Tiger…your new Mister Rogers

He may look a little different….animated animal with no pants! LOL But his focus is the same.

Will you tune in with your child to watch the re-vamped Mister Rogers Neighborhood??

MOM FAILS….because we all had them!
  • August 22, 2012

Randomly, I will post my favorite failures… I know you’re thinking, “What on Earth is the matter with this lady!??” Well, we all post our accomplishments, wanting accolades and pats on our backs, but what about those random failures that mold us to become better women, wives, and mothers?

MOM FAIL #2134
We all that moment during the month where  attempt to eat everything in the refrigerator to clean and bring in new food. Well, this week was my week! This morning, I cooked the last of the sausage and eggs. I had tortillas, shredded cheese, and taco sauce…oh, and Malt-O-Meal…so I “attempted” to make breakfast tacos. Assuming it would be a huge hit with my kids, I served it. The looks I received was unbelievable, the comments were worse!! LOL
My oldest exclaims, “Mom, this looks bad, but I’ll eat the eggs.” Then she goes on to say, “Everything is nasty, except the juice. I’ll drink the juice!” I laughed! Then my second oldest says, “We need to go to Walmart to get more food. I don’t like this.”
Now you would think all that was said was offensive, but it did not top what my son did! Now, he would eat anything, unless he really hates it. He’ll eat my food all day, but not today, he picked over EVERYTHING! SMH.. This refrigerator day was a complete failure, but I got a great laugh out of it!! LOL

More to come!!

Tell me your #momfails!! Comment below, tweet me or leave a comment on my facebook fanpage!

My Birthday Wishes (FOR REAL…but FOR FUN)
  • March 11, 2012

My birthday is in less than a month (April 8th to be exact) and I have a few items I would love to have. This is my wish list. **This list is for fun. But these are items I am longing to have in my home!**

Juicer/Food Processor

Mixer with attachments (i.e. pasta maker)
Brother sewing machine

Sewing fabric and tools
Hair Bow supplies
What would your birthday wish list look like? Respond below!!! I would love to see it
Truly Randomness: Puss in Boots my favorite scenes
  • March 7, 2012

I had the chance to finally see the film, Puss in Boots. There were some hilarious parts in the movie I’d like to share with you guys. Puss in Boots is now for sale and rent.

First the Oooo Cat:

Humpy Dumpty “I was always there-there”:

(Humpty Dumpty resemble Rainn Wilson from The Office to me, but his voice is clearly Zach Galifianakis from Due Date and Dinner with the Schmucks)

I didn’t expect this film to be funny, but I am happy I saw it.I needed a good laugh!

Happy 2012!!
  • January 3, 2012

Well Happy New Year everyone!

I am excited to see what is in store this year for this family. I believe that it is harvest time and God has some plans for us the year! We brought in the new year at church! We had Consecration Thursday night to Saturday then from Saturday night into the New year was our watchnight service! We had a awesome time at Mt. Rose!

Today, Raymiah went back to school. She was super duper excited to see her teacher again. Things are back normal ow as far as our schedule goes. I’m back into my studies and I am preparing a curriculum for Rylee and Ray the Third. I will also reintroduce potty training to the boy. I refuse to go another year buying diapers for this overgrown boy! Seriously!

Again, Happy New Year!

RANDOM: Cute google image (Proverbs 31)
  • December 22, 2011

I was looking for a new profile picture that fits my Proverbs 31 theme. Look at what I found!! Too Cute!

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