With the winter months approaching, I am beginning my research on ways to protect me and my daughters hair. I am STILL learning how to braid. I stopped learning because I think braids are not “girly” enough for me. Now this is my opinion. I know there are different styles, but I am still up in the air with the idea of braiding our hair. But what I decided to do for our hair is twists. My hair is not a fan of twists because it doesn’t hold and I hate to add 30 different products in my hair to make it work. I am considering Senegalese twists or rope twists. I will be doing it myself, because I rather not pay for something I can learn to do myself in the comfort of my home. But for my girls, I will attempt braid styles that fits their personalities; I won’t go the lazy route and style their hair once a month, but it will be on a weekly basis because our hair tangle easily protected or not. Natural hair varies from person to person and I have learned what works best for us.

A cute little style for the girls. But without the extensions and without being so tight. We want to keep their edges. Also, moisture is essential!
I am researching which type of hair will work for me because certain synthetic hairs break my hair…and I’m not taking any chances with that again. Or I may decide trying to twist my hair alone…. I will also add a leave-in conditioner to ensure I have protection and moisture.

We’ll see what my final decision will be…

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