Genesis 1:28 “Be fruitful and multiply” a word that Mr and Mrs. Duggar live by…literally!

“We would love however many the Lord seems fit to give us.” Michelle Duggar tells The Today Show. I admire her for her love of motherhood and the Lord has blessed her womb to birth 19 children already! WOW!!! Many worry for the health of her and the unborn child, but I say, Go Go GO…God will protect his own!

Here is a brief bio of the Duggar Family from their blog:
“Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar married July 21st, 1984. At that time, they chose to use the birth control pill. They thought, “We don’t want children right now. We can’t afford them. We want children in our timing, when we’re ready.” Four years later they decided to have their first child. Then, Michelle went back on the pill, but she conceived and had a miscarriage. At that point they talked with a Christian medical doctor and read the fine print in the contraceptives package. They found that while taking the pill you can get pregnant and then miscarry. They were grieved! They were Christians! They were pro-life! They realized that their selfish actions had taken the life of their child.”

You see, Michelle and I are alike. We love a big family and want to raise them up in the Lord. I wonder if I’ll get to baby #20? Hmmm… What’s your take on Michelle’s 20th pregnancy?

Here’s the interview with the Duggar family: 

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