After 2 months of searching, we finally came across a home worth pursuing. We owner financed a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 1 acre. It needed work, but anyone who knows our background, knows we were gonna hook it up! LOL…So, my husband flew back to Joliet to grab some of our belongings and drove back in one of our work trucks in which people doubted will ever make it to Texas. With my husband gone those 3 days, I was left behind with the babies and I was alone. I stayed at the poperty the night Ray was driving back to get some cleaning done. He made it and I was glad! The next day, we did some major cleaning and I had thee chance to cook for our family for the first time in 3 months!

So, I am cooking up a storm and the aroma was rising when 3 HUGE, human sized cockroaches crawled out fom behind the stove…UGH! I’m itching just thinking about it! Ugh!! I cried that night but was reassured by my husband, that we had to work with it to get the results we are looking for. This home was in th deep woods/country.

Country living

Pregnant w/ Reelaiah

Anyways, after one month, we had to move because of a breached agreement between the owners of the property and they were in dispute. At the time, I am 9 months and due at any time and had to pack up… There was no time to find somewhere to stay. But God had something planned and boy were we in for a test of our lives!!!

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