Grandma in her younger years

Left to Right: My mom, grandma, and uncle

This week marks 7 years since my grandmother’s transition. I miss her dearly and I want to briefly share some of my fond memories of her. Ruby Mae was born in Baton Rouge, LA in the 1920s and married at 16.My grandmother bore 16 children and practically raised them herself. My mom is her youngest child. As a child, my cousins would all spend the weekend at my grandmother’s home. Skating in the basement and seeking in the attic to look at all the holiday decor. We never had a dull moment. Family barbecues and random dinners, we knew how to throw a party! One of my favorite meals from my grandmother was her famous seafood gumbo: crab legs, shrimp, rice, sausage…my my how I missed that dish! I also remember my mom doing my grandmother’s hair. I loved that memory because my grandmother would yell if my mom pulled her hair. LOL

The summer of 2001, we were celebrating her birthday and she jumped rope with us, mind you she was in her 70s! She always surprised us and her age didn’t stop her from enjoying herself.

My grandmother health has been a roller coaster ride for nearly a decade. I unclear of every instance, but what I know is that she had issues with her blood pressure and she had to change her lifestyle. She quit smoking and didn’t eat a lot of fatty foods. She’ll eat a whole onion and tomatoes with no problem. She had a heart transplant and had to use a pace maker. The week before and of Thanksgiving 2004, I visited my grandmother daily to tend to her, feed her, and pray for her. I owed that much to her for all the things she has done for me. She showed me how important family is and I know that because of that example, I am able to handle the stresses that dealing with certain family members and because of the word of God that I am able to back up everything I do. My grandmother said to me on her death bed, “When are you gonna marry that Ray?” I laughed because I didn’t expect her to say that. I knew that that would be our last conversation. She is dearly missed and she is the reason why I choose to have a house full of children. If she was alive today, she’ll take my babies and bite their jaws and nipple their feet. LOL 

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