Acer Iconia a100 tablet 7″

I am not big on gifts, but when I get them I am grateful. My husband knows what I like and he will do what he can to get things he know I will enjoy. He convinced me to keep my gift from him because he knows I am quick to put what I like on hold for the sake of the family. He reassured me that it is okay to treat myself every once in a while and I am thankful for his awesome gifts. Last year, he bought me an awesome Acer laptop I use to this day and a couple of years back was my DSLR camera by Olympus. Yesterday, he surprised me with an Iconia a100 tablet by Acer. As you can tell, we are fans of Acer products. The quality and durability of their products are amazing! He always thinks of me and his random gift giving is one of amazing characters about him.

I am slowly coming around to appreciating what I receive and realizing that I deserve to have things too.

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