Just recently we had a long talk with spiritual insight, and we have concluded that we can still have that yearning to want the best for everyone but not exclude ourselves from what we want to accomplish ad have for our family. Since my husband and I have been married, we always had the heart to help family and any other person who was in need or at least who we thought was in need. We focused so much on others that we began to neglect our own needs. Don’t get me wrong, we feel that God has blessed us with a giving heart and we are privileged to be in that mind to want to help. Some people will make you feel guilty for thinking this way, but hey, I’m important too! We compromised our wants and desires to please those around us and believe me when I say it is hard work to please someone who isn’t pleased with themselves.

Now with that in mind, we have to change our thinking and except that people have the ability to take care of themselves an provide for their own instead of us becoming their enablers and then be left with the guilt if something doesn’t turn out the way had planned. As of today, God has opened our eyes and has shown us the way we should go for our family and what is best for our situation. It is almost a burden lifted to not feel as if we are totally obligated to others. Our priority is our family.

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