I believe this time around, I shedded the most hair. My hair has grown so much throughout my pregnancy with Reelaiah than any other baby! I tried my best not to have a lot of shedding after my pregnancy because I enjoyed the thickness and the body my hair had. Now you have seen my hair during my pregnancy, if you don’t remember then check out the pictures below. My hair was easy to maintain and style. I loved it! After Reelaiah is what I wanted to keep. The length was there and the shine was there. I managed to have a well-moisturized head with the humidity of the Texas weather, I was proud! As of my last wash, I have shedded two tennis balls of hair! I did my trimming which freed me of the dead and frizzy ends and my hair feels great! I didn’t lose much length, but the fullness will take some time to regain and I have to regrown my edges, because they tend to thin out after the baby. So my goal is to moisturize and manipulate my scalp daily on top of my regular washing. I will also use less heat while I am working on growing my hair. Like I mentioned before, I like my hair straightened and I refuse to wear my hair in its kinky state because my hair is prone to tangles and it will be a hot matted mess. I’m doing what works for my hair!

During Pregnancy
After Pregnancy
My hair now
(time to regrow those edges)

My hair before the trimming

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