Yesterday while shopping for the victim of my husband’s Comfy Critter (stuffed bear), I stumbled across a pair of Express jeans from the Rerock Collection. I purchased a pair a couple of years back for $86!!1 I know…smh! But not only were they at the thrift but it was for $7.57!! I am too thoo (in the words of LaTrivia “Triv” Graham)I thought to mention this because I have realized how immature I was to make a crazy purchase. Then, I thought the price tag determined how important I was and I had to prove my success to others in a forced competition of vanity. I am so upset that we shelled out hundreds of dollars on something I can barely fit today! What a waste! I can think of a million things I could do with that money…for one is to save my home purchase! LOL…this has been an eye opener and I know there is nothing wrong with going to the thrift store or shopping in discounted stores. I am glad to have experience the luxury of shopping at Express but never again unless they have a huge liquidation clearance stimulus package of a sale! Seriously!

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