If you read a previous post on my blog, you know that I have suffered from post pregnant shedding and thinning. View the following picture for the proof:
Photo from October 2011

Well nearly 2 months later, I have experienced some growth! Yay!! I am so excited! Check this out:

Photo December 2011

Beginning January 2012, I will be documenting my hair growth. It is safe to start soon because my hair is approximately the same length when I decided to go natural. My goal is BSL (bra strap length) but I will be grateful with APL (arm pit length). I will do quarterly trims and be persistant with my hair regimen and see where that will take me! I will continue to blowdry and straighten my hair of a monthly basis because my hair has not been damaged because I take my time with my hair and pay attention to how much heat I use. As you can tell, I am not your typical “natural”. We shall see!

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